A list of few things we try to do ...

Provide forum for Chittagonians residing in the UK to exchange views concerning matters of common interest, relating to life in the UK & issues of importance to them and/or their families & friends in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Provide information & activities for the benefit of the community. Advance education and develop understanding and interaction between people of different areas of Bangladesh & of different cultures in the UK. To this extent we aim to:

  • Hold seminars on matters of socio-cultural interest relevant to both the UK & Bangladesh in general & Chittagong in particular;

  • Observe & celebrate the national & international days;

  • Organise discussion sessions or meetings to offer visitors & students from Bangladesh an induction to the country and the community. Provide information and advice on how to make the most of their visiting or studying time in the UK;

  • Support & counsel students seeking higher professional, technical or academic studies & job experience.

  • Provide counselling, welfare & legal advice in general;

  • Produce & provide literature promoting tourist interest & prospects of Chittagong in particular & Bangladesh in general.

Advance education concerning good citizenship in a multi-racial, multicultural society & promote good relationship between such persons.

Associate with local authorities, voluntary organisations & inhabitants in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities for recreational & leisure time activities, with the object of improving quality of life for everyone.

Work towards the provision of a centre to carry out the support activities of the Samity in the long-run to establish a permanent centre for the Samity.

Do or act in any activities considered by the management committee to pursue & achieve the objectives of the Samity.

We need your help in many ways. Please come forward..

  • The existence of the Samity is intrinsically linked with your participation.

  • Member's financial, social & cultural involvement and fundraising efforts are essential in order to build a strong & lively organisation.

  • Your views & literary contributions are key to the exchange of ideas and opinions on different issues that concerns us here in the UK & in Bangladesh.

  • We need your support to establish a permanent centre for Chattagram Samity that will equip us with a vital tool for advancing and facilitating various socio-cultural & educational programs.

    Please contact us if you want to get involved and contribute to the Samity's causes